Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yule Rule

Sounds odd, but I'm deep in the throes of writing and creating Christmas lore.  Got to think ahead.

Yesterday I completed studio recording for my third Christmas CD--this time a collection of fiction, some of which has been published elsewhere the past two years.  And I also submitted final proofs for my Christmas Eve story that I'll be giving out the congregation on December 24.  Ordered 1000 copies just to be sure I wouldn't run out.  Now, all we need are people on Christmas Eve . . . going on faith.

Odd thing about many of these stories . . . I wrote a fair number of them in the middle of summer, two in one day, sweating on the back deck in my underwear in 90+ degree heat.

Becky asked me what I was doing.  "Writing Christmas stories," I told her.

"Better get some clothes on," she said.  "You're starting to look like Santa Claus with a sunburn."

I'm not ready for Christmas yet.  Far from it.  I look back and wonder where 2011 has gone . . . and so quickly.  And with all of the life changes coming my way in the summer of 2012 (two graduations, a wedding, and hopefully another college placement) I don't even want to think about the heat.  I'll be in it.

Now that I've completed my Christmas works, I guess I can move on to other holidays.  Isn't there a National Nap Day coming up?

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