Friday, September 23, 2011

Laughing At Cancer

In the past month, I've had the opportunity to give away a fair number of my cancer-related CDs:  Caring Through Cancer.  It's an audio collection of essays and articles I wrote about cancer following my wife's breast cancer diagnosis . . . now a full ten years ago.  (No more cancer for my gal, thank God!)

The CD touches on caregiving predominantly, but also includes tracts on faith, medical treatment, and attitude as part of the healing equation.  And, as many have discovered, humor can play a large role in healing.  I've experienced it, and seen it, many times.  I wrote some of these essays during my Lilly Renewal some years ago, and a couple of the essays on this CD actually won writing awards . . . including a cash award from the Franciscan order in the Catholic church (given to me, a Methodist, go figure!) and another award from Bell South Corporation, as the company used one of my essays in a corporate newsletter related to employee care and treatment.

I've always been hopeful that this crazy blog could add some laughter or zip to people's experiences (offered through my weird perspective, of course).  Laughter can make a writer's life tolerable, and I know humor can help folks overcome a great many dark places in life.  My family has always been one to find humor in marriage, sex, work, and leisure . . . and I wish you this kind of laughter, too.

Recently, another writer asked the question on Facebook:  What place does humor have in a healthy society?

I wrote back immediately, stating that humor saves me daily from pessimism and nihilism, and, while I couldn't speak for the whole of society, I think that any people devoid of laughter don't stand a chance in hell of being whole, complete, or spirited in a way of life that leads to health and healing and helpfulness.  (Cue laugh track here.)

As for faith, I don't want to be a Christian who looks like he's been sucking on a green persimmon.  Hate that look.  And another writer recently penned a book entitled, Grumpy Old Christians.  Don't want to fall into that category either.

Laugher is essential to life . . . that's why I keep writing this man's blog.  Have to begin my day with something light.  It's at the center of my approach to God (and pastoring and writing).  And maybe your's too!

And so I leave you with this joke:  What is the definition of a Fundamentalist?

Answer:  A Fundamentalist is a person who is deeply troubled by the very idea that someone, somewhere, might be having a good time.

Laugh on!  Even through cancer.

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