Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Book Launch

Last night I mailed the final copy-edited files to the editor . . . and He Said, She Said: Biblical Stories from a Male and Female Perspective is now slated for press in November.  Will people know it exists? Will anyone want to read it?  Will Congress vote themselves a pay decrease to help balance the budget?  

These are the questions.

Naturally, I think this is a unique book.  I mean, holy nosebleed, look at the cover art!  (In case you don't know, I am, in actuality, Batman . . . and my cohort is Wonder Woman. See the resemblance?)

But listen, you want something different from the Bible . . . not some namby-pamby Bible study that's been strip-mined by seminary professors in California . . . you gotta read this one!  Not a sane thought in the whole shebang.  Weird stuff here.  It will give you a whole new appreciation for the Bible as a work of dialogue.  And as for perspective, it all depends on how you read it.

No one's going to miss this book cover. It's bright, folks!  It will blind you!  You'll see people, like trees, walking . . . .  You won't be able to find your way out of the bookstore (if there are any bookstores remaining in November). 

And watch for our other upcoming title, too:  He Said It First, But She Always Gets the Last Word.

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