Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Isn't It Romantic?

A nice compliment from an editor today.  Some weeks back she accepted one of my poems for publication and now she is requesting to see more of my "love poems."

Naturally, since I have no secrets, I told my wife there was another woman interested in my words of love.

Becky's response: "What do you know about love?"

What do I know?  Listen, a man doesn't live fifty years without learning something.  And if a guy writes hundreds of poems a year, he's bound to write one or two that might make a woman swoon.  These are the ones I'm looking to submit to the good graces of this other woman.

Of course, in my younger days, it was poetry that made my courtship.  There's not a woman I know who wouldn't love this gem:

Sure as the vine twines 'round the stump
You are my darlin' sugar lump.

Actually, it's easy to write romance.  A man only has to stop and think about all the things he didn't say, or wished he had said, and then write these words.  Well, that's my secret anyway.

Since I rarely say anything romantic the first time around, I'm glad to be a writer of romance.  The poems give me a second chance to get it right. 

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