Friday, November 25, 2011

Reading in the Car

Later today Becky and I will be making a trek to Louisville, KY.  We will be leaving our kids in charge of the Christmas shopping, while we will be in charge of taking along interesting reading material.

I don't always read in the car, but with eight hours round-trip drive time staring me in the face, I've got to have something to peruse.  I'm taking along a couple of New Yorker magazines, a history book, a newspaper, and perhaps a classic novel.  I'll also have an atlas . . . I have a GPS, too, but I've never figured out how to use it (though everybody tells me, "It's easy, just plug it in.")

Actually, my biggest worry on a trip of this distance is getting car sick.  I hope I can get some reading accomplished.

And I hope I don't toss my cookies in the ash tray.

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