Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cracking Up

In the past week this blog has had nearly 1000 "hits".  And I wonder:  Are there really that many people leading such totally empty lives that they must fill up their existence on my inane blather?  Is this blog really becoming so popular that people want to read about my reading and writing habits?  Is this blog actually that good?

I guess so

I'll do my best, therefore, to keep this blog crisp and fresh . . . not like the celery in my fridge that I can tie into a knot. I'll be looking to take this blog up a notch.  

And in case there are folks out there (many, it seems, from England, the Netherlands, and Russia) who would prefer to know the coming attractions on this humorous blog, here are a few plans for upcoming posts.

The History of Thanksgiving
    I'll be sharing a humorous essay rejected by many magazines over the past two years . . . my version of Thanksgiving. Tune in here on Turkey Day for a laugh.  Lord knows I can't sell this one so I might as well give it away for free right here!

My Dirty Dozen
    At last count I had over 12 books circulating among editors. I'll tell you what these titles are and how these books could change the world as we know it. Any publishes want to buy 'em?

Secret Agent
   I'll give you news from my literary agent (thanks, Cynthia) who is desperately trying to sell me to the highest bidder and turn me into a literary prostitute.

Back to the Future
    Ten years ago I competed in a drug-free bodybuilding competition, wrote several essays about the experience, and have recently discovered new photographic evidence that I was once in tip-top shape. I'll share a photo (or two) and excerpts from my essays about the underbelly of this sport.

And "click-in" in coming weeks, as I will also share thoughts on: Reading Charles Dickens, My Favorite Bible Stories, Navigating the Seedy World of Publishing Rights, Interpreting Publishing Contracts, Writing for Subscriptions, and Much, Much More . . . 

See you tomorrow right here!  Same batty blog.  Same batty channel.

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