Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Kindle

Some months back, when I purchased my Kindle, I converted several of my Christmas stories to Kindle format . . . and they are now available on Amazon (all for a whopping 99 cents).  Some good ones for the taking:  "The Peddler", "Apartment 218", "The Memory and the Dream", and "Charlie's Chip"--probably my best.  I also have a novel on Kindle, too:  A Christmas for Joey.  Anyway, loved writing these . . . a few that were originally published in magazines and a few others that should have been.

Still, I do get my seasons mixed up.

Yesterday, on the first Sunday of Advent, I found myself writing an Easter story, and I spent the better part of the afternoon and evening editing/rewriting an array of poems that I hope to send off to publishers in the new year.

It will take me some weeks yet to "get into" the Christmas spirit.  We have no plans yet for a tree, decorations, food, cookies, gifts, or shopping . . . and all of these will probably be done last minute (and some, perhaps, not at all).  One of the benefits, I suppose, of moving past the young child-rearing years into that hazy world of "baby don't care, so daddy don't either."

Any cookies I eat this year will be sponged off the goodwill and grace of others.

As for my Christmas stories, I've got notebooks filled with them . . . outlines, first chapters, dialogue.  All I have to do is get into this Christmas spirit and write a few of them before we hit Easter.

That, or I'll find myself in the Christmas spirit next summer, just as soon as the sun shines.

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