Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Writing My Guts Out

A miracle happened on Tuesday night. I was at home! I didn't have a meeting at church and I actually had hours ahead of me for writing.

So . . . I turned on the television at one point to watch the Presidential debate, but quickly realized I didn't want to waste my time and had more productive things to do. So I sat down to write. And write I did.

I was primarily focused on writing some essays for a book that will be published in November of 2009 about weddings, and I have some very funny and unique wedding stories. So, I wrote about a wedding I performed in a hospital delivery room (as the mother and bride was giving birth), about a wedding that I performed for a Texas bride (fourteen bridesmaids, fourteen groomsmen--all wearing blue jeans, riding chaps, leather vests and cowboy hats) and a wedding that a retired pastor told me about some years ago, where he was asked to preside over a wedding between two circus performers. He was Marvin the Magnificent (the lion tamer) and she was Sally (a high wire walker). The ceremony, incidently, was performed in the lion cage while the groom cracked a whip and sported a taming chair. (I wonder if he used the very same on the honeymoon?)

Yes, weddings are fun. I had four hours of writing about them. But when I was done, my guts hurt from laughing. I had to have a donut to calm my nerves.

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