Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birthdays & Boss's Day

This past week I received a plethora of birthday cards, and the office staff at Calvary also pitched in Wed. with a boss's day celebration (who knew?). Of the various birthday cards I received this year, I particularly enjoyed this one from my mother-and-father in-law. It's one of those fill-in-the-blank cards that are becoming so popular these days.

When God made you he broke the mold
And never created another
That's half as witty as you are,
Or half the man (why bother?)

Some sons-in-law are shady,
And others filled with vice,
But you married Becky honorably,
Then got her knocked up (twice!).

You've filled our lives with laughter
And graced our days with mirth,
And as your salary has grown,
So has your considerable girth.

Didn't know you had it in you,
But we love you as you are
You're still firing on all pistons and
You've certainly passed our bar.

Oh, some like their sons with jelly,
And others with their jam,
But you saved our daughter, Sonny,
And you're sweeter than a ham.

To Becky you are everything,
Her warrior, lover, friend,
And you've showered her with kisses
And you're lovin' knows no end.

So have a happy birthday, Son!
(Oh, may we call you that?)
We've watched you grow from boy to man,
And you're really where it's at.

Of course, I did receive other cards, too. And I thank you for these! And thanks to the Calvary staff for recognizing my innumerable gifts on boss's day with their very special verse:

Some churches have their St. Terese,
And others have their Pope,
But we're the only church we know,
Who's leader is a dope.

Yes, some bosses may have intellect,
And others may have tact,
But thank God the rest of us are here,
To make up for what you've lacked.

Some day if God should call you home,
This office won't repair,
We'll just keep going day by day,
And never shed a tear.

We'll keep on makin' copies,
We'll keep on singin' songs,
And few will miss your sermons
Or the space your chair belongs.

We'll call the bishop, ask for "Joel",
He'll send us Mert or Billy,
And yes, we'd grieve a day or two,
But then feel rather silly.

So have a happy boss's day,
Put this card on the shelf!
And should you have a thought to share,
Please keep it to yourself.

One thing's for sure . . . birthdays and boss's day really builds a guy up. But, gee whiz, Wally, these cards do sure make a guy feel swell.


Anonymous said...

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That you have not seen!
Highly recommended!

Michelle Knight said...

Wow- what verse! My Boss' day card said nothing of that.