Wednesday, October 15, 2008

House Warming

As winter approaches, I thought it would be good to read a book about energy savings. So I read this baby. . . . Not a bad book, and I've already tried one of the energy-saving ideas. I wrapped my water heater in insulation and turned it down a notch. But this book just doesn't go far enough to save energy. So, here's the plan I'm implementing this winter.
First, I'm boarding up the house and our family will take up residence in the utility shed in the back yard. If we use a oil space heater and sleep under the lawn mower, we should be able to save big on energy costs. Living in the shed will also save us money on food, as there are several squirrels that have eaten through the roof and are nesting in the shed. They, along with the nuts and berries they squirreled away for winter. A double bonus! Meat and veggies! Finally, our family will do our part and cook over an open fire just like our primitive ancestors. I'm looking forward to the grunting, the non-communicative evenings, and pulling squirrel jerky. It's going to be an interesting winter, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to read this great book. I might even use it to start my first fire!

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