Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Big 2-0-0

I couldn't help but note that my last blog was my 200th entry of "Between Pages". I'm not sure that's significant, actually, but I've given some thought to other 200s in my life. Here are a few:

I know that I've written at least 200 short stories.

I know I've written at least 20 books with at least 200 pages of manuscript.

When I competed in the bodybuilding competition at age 40, I stepped onto the stage weighing 200 pounds exactly (having lost 40 pounds of fat in 4 months). The toughest physical and mental achievment of my life.

I receive about 200 emails a month.

I could eat 200 donuts a month.

I often feel like I'm 200 years old.

My dog licks himself 200 times a day.

We spend $200 a year on pet food.

We clean up 200 piles of cat puke a year.

In the year 2160 I will be 200 years old (Happy Birthday!) Come visit my grave, will ya?

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