Friday, August 22, 2008

My Writing Space #6

By now Stephen King is getting close to having his interactive web site up and running. Readers can visit his office. Now you can visit mine.
Here is my trash can. As you can see, I sometimes eat Graham Crackers while I write. I love 'em. I love to say "Graham Cracker". I wish my nick name was "Graham Cracker" Outcalt.
It is also worth noting that my trash can sits next to the overloaded electrical outlet. My computer, printer, lamp, and other accessories are all plugged into this outlet. I love to watch it spark! It inspires me to write faster before my computer monitor blows up or flames out.
Mr. King has a personal maid who takes out his trash. I have a fifteen year old teenage boy who wears the same underwear for ten straight days and can sleep for twenty hours in cracker crumbs.
Mr. King eats caviar and drinks fine wines while he writes. I eat crackers and drink high fructose corn syrup straight out of the can.
Mr. King doesn't write trash. This is where I toss my books after I write them.

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Mark W said...

The King series has been good for a lot of laughs! Keep it up.