Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Writing Space #10

There is no doubt that Mr. Stephen King will be displaying many of his office awards and artifacts on his interactive web site. But here is one of my artifacts. This is a piece of the Championship Floor from the 1991 NCAA basketball tournament, when Duke beat Kansas for their first championship. This hunk of hardwood sits atop one of my office shelves and was given to me by Steve and Mary Baker when I lived in Noblesville.

After I took this photo, I also noted that there was a piece of wadded paper sitting next to it. That paper has been there for three years, and remains there, because my wife refuses to clean my office. I remind her daily that this is one of her roles--cleaning woman! But whenever I point this out, she curses at me and leaves the room. And so the paper remains. I have no idea what it is, but you can bet I'm not moving it.

Mr. King has pristine book shelves. Mine are dusty.

Mr. King has a willing wife who is also a cleaning woman. I've got a busy school teacher who makes me cook, clean, wax, repair, paint, restore, sweep and mop. When I am finished writing this blog, I'm going to wad up another piece of paper and place it next to my hunk of the Championship Floor. We'll see who wins!

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