Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Writing Retrospective

Each year I try to make an assessment of my growth as a writer (among many other goals and objectives). And, although I'm not one to look behind (except at my wife), it is always a good practice to take stock of one's accomplishments.  Here's what I completed in 2011 on the page . . . and I can see that it's been a very good year.

Project           # Completed   #Accepted for Publication

New Book Proposals   5                         0
Novels Submitted       2                         0
Columns                   10                       10
Essays                     15                        3
Poems                      143                      11
Blog Posts                346                      346
Stories (Fiction)         14                        3
CD                           1                           1
Kindle Books              2                           2
Various & Sundry?                              ?
Letters to my wife      2                         0 (PWAK--Paid With a Kiss)

Humor (or Satire)       7                          1
Sermons                   48                        48

I have no idea what this output represents in terms of number of words or number of pages.  Let's just say I've typed my fingers blue.  And I can think of a few occasions when I typed so fast and so furiously for so long that my wrists went numb.  

As I look forward to 2012, I anticipate a better year. A banner year.  Always do.  And I'll be setting my goals to achieve all that I can.

I'm also looking forward to writing two new blogs.
Manopause:  my blog about one man's experiences in mid-life (
The Donut Diary: my blog about my search for the perfect donut experience (

I will, of course, be writing this same blog every day as well.  Hope you'll keep tuning in.  And THANKS FOR READING!!!!


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