Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Mixed Nuts

Last week, armed with a full day at the keyboard, I managed to whittle out an auspicious amount of material that should be, even as I blog, on its way to publications far and wide.  Among the various acceptances I procured and wrote in an afternoon were:

* A book review
* A column for our Indiana area UM Church publication
* A 1500 word essay and sidebar on grant writing that is slated for publication later this winter in a leadership magazine
* An essay on donuts for a teen magazine

I also wrote several blog posts, a handful of poems, and continued work on a book proposal that I intend to title: Debt-free Wedding Ideas.  As father of the bride, I've got a lot of opinions about the latter and I eagerly share my knowledge with any or all who will listen!  This book is more than a proposal however, it's approaching 200 pages and getting thicker.  I'll have the entire book written in a matter of days.  

Finally, my day of mixed nuts also gave me ample opportunity to finish a sermon, draft letters of appreciation to several family members and friends, and read a few chapters from various books.

It was a nice day. And when I grow up, I want to be a writer.

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