Monday, January 23, 2012

More Fan Mail

In the first 20 days of 2012, I've received a number of new pieces of fan mail.  Some have arrived via facebook or email, and others via letters to publishers concerning some of my pieces/contributions. I thank all of these friends for their kind words of affirmation and encouragement and, yes, I hope you'll keep reading.

One piece of fan mail arrived from a young lady who had discovered my "old" book, The Best Things in Life Are Free, and shared with me how this book had impacted her life and helped her gain some new insights.  She even wrote a book review.

I've also received tidbits from folks who have appreciated some of my recent essays on youth ministry or the changing face of transportation and communication, and one of my editor friends keeps sending me updates on his readers' favorite poems and inviting me to send more verse.

Another dear lady in Massachusetts wrote to inform me that she had just recently discovered some of my poetry, enjoyed it, and had become addicted now to my various blogs.  I'm grateful for her addiction and hope she'll keep tuning in for more doses of my warped attempts at male/donut humor.

Likewise, for all of those who would like to send fan mail, my mailbox is always empty.  I get out there every morning before sunrise to retrieve the newspaper, frequently ill-clad and shivering, and it would be a real boost to my low self-esteem to find letters from admirers.  Especially more female admirers.  I enjoy telling my wife about these chicks and reminding Becky that she doesn't have to go "looking for love in all the wrong places" . . . "she's got me, Babe" "six days a week" "all through the night" "until the morning comes" and "the last dance."

Many of my poems are like fan mail to my wife.  She rarely reads my poems, however, though I usually write her several a week.  I'm just holding out hope that she will write me back someday. After all, I'm her biggest fan!

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