Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hit Me!

Yesterday was a big day for my blog.  For the first time I surpassed 300 hits, with a total of 345 hits in one day. 

I'm not sure what this means, but I guess I had 300+ visitors yesterday who wanted to read this tidbit of humor.  I hope they found a laugh.

I'm never sure why folks want to read this blog, but I'm assuming they either like reading and writing or they enjoy a chuckle.  I am glad to serve.

Funny thing is, absolutely nothing happened to me yesterday that was humorous.  My day was basically a bucket of boredom.  I spent time in a restaurant, the car, a campus lunchroom, the hospital, and the office . . . and what's funny about that?  I always have to search for humor like a diamond in the rough. 

Perhaps that's where my cooking comes in.  I did cook dinner last night.  Chicken on the grill.  Mashed potatoes from a box.  Green beans from a can.  My kids thought that was funny.  But they weren't laughing so much as gagging. I also brought home three slices of three-day-old stale chocolate cake and a donut in a bag for dessert.  But no one gave me a kudo. 

I'm not sure, exactly, how many people re-visit my blog on a daily basis, but I'm grateful to the 300+ who do read from time to time.  

Bless you.  But be gentle with me.  Don't hit me too hard.  I'm older now and I could easily break a hip.   

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