Monday, January 2, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

It is difficult to believe, but in the past year (2011) I have written 280 "Between Pages" blog posts.  I've also been taking inventory of my writing goals of the past year and making a summary of what I have written.  I will be posting these results tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm also setting new goals for 2012 . . . some involve writing, others pastoring, and still others are family and personal goals.  I usually set my bar so high I end up failing at most of these goals, but I would rather aim too high than settle for too little. 

As I look ahead to 2012 I see many enormous changes looming on the horizon.  A high school graduation (please, Lord!), a college graduation (sweet Jesus, financial relief!), and a wedding (good gravy, more money needed!).  My wife also has a new position and is working very long hours, and I may also have other extended family issues to deal with in 2012.  Still, it's all good, and through it all I'll be writing my guts out--rising early and working late to accomplish my goals.

I'm also going to be writing two new blogs starting later this week:
Manopause: Musings of a Mid-life Male  (a blog that I hope to turn into a humor book of same or similar title)
The Donut Diary (my personal search for the perfect donut experience along with history, recipes, and weird conversations about pastry)

Naturally, I'll still be right here at Between Pages every weekday also, writing about writing and reading.  So YOU keep reading, too.  And watch for the two new blogs later this week.

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