Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Say It Again

Some have been asking about He Said/ She Said: Biblical Stories from a Male & Female Perspective.  Well, I'll say it again, this time for certain:  the books are finally available.  My first Amazon shipment arrived yesterday.  I hope folks will like this book, as it is offered in one of the most unique formats you'll find anywhere.  Tell all your friends.  Hand out copies at work. Kick the drunk in the gutter and tell him his copy has arrived.

My wife even told me last night that she might read portions of this book . . . and she rarely reads anything I write.  I'm getting somewhere.

Last night, late, I did tell my wife about one of my latest "love" poems that had also been published on Monday in The Christian Science Monitor. (Yes, you can read this, too.)

I was wanting to surprise her, as I always do, with another little romantic ditty.  She read it. Said, "That's nice, honey."  And then went back to writing her school reports.  Once again, the world's most boring man.

Okay, I get it.  Too much of me in one day.  Should have waited until today to surprise her with romance. 

I just can't wait to get rid of all these copies of the book.  I think they are cluttering my style.

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Ned Steele said...

Glad to learn this thing is finally hitting the stores!