Friday, October 7, 2011

My Survey

Surveys are all the rage these days.  They show up everywhere.  In the past week I've taken a survey offered by my insurance company, another via the web to determine my "health quotient", and I even took a survey after receiving a flu shot at Walmart.  I've given these surveys my all, and no secrets are hidden now.  I'm "male" by the way . . . .

It has been some time since I've offered a survey for this blog, so if you (my faithful reader) will just give me two minutes of your time, I invite you to complete the following so that I can improve the quality of this blog and also put you on my vast mailing list where, once a year, you could receive valuable prizes and/or a phone call from The Fraternal Order of Police.

Between Pages Survey

1. How well does this blog meet your daily humor needs?
a. I laugh until chocolate milk comes out of my nose.
b. I read this blog first thing in the morning and it is a vital part of my day.
c. If you were to quit writing this blog I could do more productive things like raking leaves or making love to my spouse.

2. How helpful are the book reviews on this blog?
a. I immediately buy every book you read and use them to balance the legs on my kitchen table.
b. I don't read books, but I hear there is an app for them.
c. You write book reviews?

3. How impressed are you by the author's vast knowledge of history, psychology, sociology, theology, biography, trigonometry, economics, politics, literature, medicine, ornithology, physics, integral calculus, fine wines, travel, and diet and exercise?
a. The author is an expert in these things and my life hinges on his opinions.
b. Calculus?  I don't think so!
c. He don't know squat!

4. What do you think about the type-face change from Arial to Verdana?
a. I no longer have to wear my reading glasses when I read "Between Pages"
b. He's just trying to be a fancy boy.
c. There's no difference.

5. Now that this blog has been in existence for five years (and over 1000 entries), how are you feeling about the quality of the content?
a. It just keeps getting better, just like the author, whose wife continues to ask each day, "Have you got fifteen minutes so I can have my way with you tonight?"
b. The blog is still good, though I wish he would write a bit more about writing.
c. This blog sucks.

Thank you for taking the "Between Pages" survey . . . expect a phone call and watch your mailbox for a packet of free valuable prizes.

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