Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good Morning, Korea

I'm confused.  Amazed, really.  In the past month there have been many Koreans reading this blog.  Almost as many hits as I get from the Netherlands and from Russia (dozens every week).  But I'm not sure why.

Perhaps it is because some Koreans have read the Korean version of my book, Candles in the Dark.  When John Wiley & Sons sent me my Korean copies some years back, I promptly gave them away to Korean friends, as I don't read or speak Korean.  Someone, I reasoned, should get the benefit.

Then again, maybe it's because Koreans understand my brand of humor. Maybe they like to read.  Maybe they enjoy comedy about writing.

Now that my audience is growing overseas, I'll try to maintain the quality of this blog and keep the laughs coming.  

That, or perhaps I could rename the blog.  How about:
M*A*S*H ing It Up
Body, Mind & Seoul

I have to wonder:  do puns translate well from English to Korean?  Is this blog on anyone's Radar?  Regardless, I have to say, "Thanks for reading!"

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