Friday, October 14, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

For my birthday I went to Goodwill.  I go there every month or so to search through the books for first editions.  Some great finds there . . . and all for $1.00.

The place was packed.  I could scarcely navigate through the aisles of underwear and T-shirts to get to the book stacks.  I also avoided the people who looked to be carrying spores from a cholera epidemic, but eventually I found the books.

Lots of John Grisham back there.  Almost picked up a copy of Playing for Pizza, but it was a third printing and that wouldn't do.  I also gave a glance toward a copy of The Celestine Prophecy . . . a book that I consider to be one of the worst-written in the English language, but still a mega-ton-million copy seller when it was in its heyday.  And, although I'm not a Danielle Steele reader, there were plenty of her titles to choose from.

This time around, I walked out of Goodwill with nothing in my hands.  Didn't spend my birthday dollar.  If I can't find a decent first edition, I don't pay.

I almost returned, however, to purchase my wife a welcome-home gift.  I miss her when she is away.  But then I thought better of it and decided to just write her a poem or a letter.

Sometimes those personal gifts work out better for me than a pair of Billy-Buck Teeth from Goodwill.  You never know who gummed them first.

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