Thursday, October 6, 2011


Seems I'm waiting on a great many things these days.  I wait on my wife, my kids, and even the cat.  I'm waiting to get an iPad and an iPhone . . . even though I'm still learning how to use email and my PC.  And my writing file is filled with hundreds of pages of material floating around in editorial offices.  

You know the routine. It's like watching ketchup drip from a bottle.

For those writers out there, or anyone who would presume to write, waiting is essential to the process.  In many ways, I've been waiiting for over forty years for some of my writing to come of age.  I'm still learning.

My agent is still working New York and Chicago, trying to get my material into the hands of great editors who might actually read a few of my pages.  

It's a waiting game.  

Makes me hungry for a hot dog just thinking about the slow ebb of ketchup.  And while I'm waiting this morning, I write some more.

What are YOU waiting for today?    

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