Thursday, August 23, 2012

Raining Cats and Dogs

Our 28th wedding anniversary has had, to say the least, a pall of loss over it.  The energies required to move a son into college and a married daughter to a first-job-apartment were more than Becky and I bargained for. We are still catching up.  And on Monday, when my wife came home from work, I announced that I had piled one more change on our plates by having our cat (Violet) euthanized.

This cat (16 years) had been with us since my daughter's eighth birthday.  In its day, the cat was beautiful.  And, despite the fact that both Becky and I grew up with literally dozens of cats around the house, Violet was tops in terms of beauty, personality, and longevity.  But she was sick (down to about 25% kidney function) and it was time for her to go to that great litterbox in the sky.

I brought Violet home, buried her, and thanked God for the joy she had added to our home for the past sixteen years.  (My son was 3-years old when Violet joined our family, and he's 19 now.)

Some years back, I wrote this dialogue poem (between cats and dogs) that seemed to please an editor or two.  Although some people are cat lovers and others dog lovers, this one might speak to both.  After all, our cats and dogs never seemed to get along.  I wonder why?

Cats & Dogs

CATS . . .
   The canine craves his bloody meat
   While sitting at his master's feet,
   But feline temperaments bequeath
   A nobler path than barks and teeth.

DOGS . . . 
   Defined by food, the canine feasts
   On freshest food among the beasts.
   Felines espousing rest and peace
   Are simply lying through their teeth.


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