Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Star Wars

One of the genres I enjoy writing is science fiction.  I have a multitude of stories here, but find myself most often writing in themes pertaining to our ever-evolving forms of communication and the strong pull of isolationism that seems ever more ominous.

One of these tales, which I entitled "The Word Master", was first published as an "short", and is available on Kindle (for $.99 I might add, a bargain).  It's one of my better science fiction stories and I've had some interesting feedback from it.

Currently, I have no less than seven science fiction stories that are continually looping through the science fiction and fantasy market and I hope to place a couple of these stories by year's end.  And I'm always writing more.

One of my favorite stories, however, is a fun and fantastical tale about "the last man on earth."  I've been imagining what would happen if all the males on earth (save one) were wiped out in a plague, leaving this solitary male to contend with a planet loaded with three billion females.

You can let your imagination run wild (as I have) with a scenario like that one, but I'm finding this one to be loaded with tons of humor and thousands of implications.  In fact, it's difficult to write because the possibilities are limitless.  

Once I get this one revised and completed, I hope some editor out there will find this story drop-dead funny.  One man among three billion women?  How laughable.  But these are the kind of thoughts that keep me working well into the night, even when I'm exhausted. 

And once my wife goes to bed, I can imagine that I am the last man on earth.

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