Friday, August 10, 2012


A few days ago I had a brief correspondence with my former literary agent (sounds so smug doesn't it?).  This particular agent has, in recent years, created a unique niche by pairing "ghost writers" with those celebrities, politicians, and gurus who cannot write a book themselves, but need the expertise of the writer who can, and who can also remain anonymous.  This particular endeavor is more common than one might think . . . as most celebrity and political books are not written by the the person whose name appears on the cover.  Rather, these books are written by ghost writers, who usually create the books for a flat fee, no recognition, and an oath to absolute secrecy.

I've been invited to submit my resume to be a ghost writer for those who might want to have their name on the cover of a book, but who cannot write a book.  I will probably never get a call to do this (me, a ghost writer?), but the prospects are larger and more illustrious than ever before.  In fact, the majority of celebrity books are indeed written by ghost writers, and not by the celebrity whose photo plasters the cover.

Some well-known and best-selling authors also write ghost.  In fact, we would probably be surprised to find out who actually wrote some of the best-selling political books, self-help titles, and even best-selling novels of the past decade.  The names on the covers may not be an indication of the actual author.

Me?  Hey, I can say that I've written every one of my books.  Every word. Every comma.  Nobody ghosted for me or sent a greasy manuscript my way with a note attached that read: "Paste Your Name Here".  In fact, I write so much, that I also submit material under other monikers.  Some editors may be tired of reading me, but they don't seem to mind reading a new author (who is really me in disguise).  

If I do get a call to ghost write a book, I won't be saying Boooo! about it.  My lips are sealed.  I'll just slave away every morning hunkered down over my 25-watt bulb, chugging pots of coffee and eating mounds of donuts, thinking about my work as a ghost, hoping that people will find me to be as friendly as Casper.  I'll be haunting someone's book.  But you won't find my name anywhere on the pages.   BOOOOOO !!

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