Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pulp Fiction

A few months back I received word that Loch Raven Review ( was publishing one of my "mystery" stories: a sexy, pulp fiction piece entitled "The Bill Collector".  It's in the current issue (Summer 2012) and is ready for reading online prior to the print edition.  One of dozens of stories I've written, I hope you like this piece . . . as it's one of the most enjoyable stories I've worked on in the past five years.  And did I mention . . . it's sexy?  (Now I know you'll read it.)

Writing mystery stories . . . or crime-related pieces . . . is always challenging.  Mystery stories of the pulp variety have to be populated with charged characters, electric predicament(s), and a degree of threat or mayhem.  The characters in pulp may often come across as cardboard, but the promise of a twist ending always helps to carry the story forward.

These stories are fun to write, and I can usually whip one out in a few hours when I get in the mode.  And now that I have an ample collection of published "mystery" material, it would be an honor to have them collected under one cover.  Just for fun.  A story book.

I could also include my first published story in a collection, I think:  a literary piece that I wrote in my late-twenties entitled, "Baseball Season". It's still one of the finest stories I've ever written (perhaps my best), and when I've shown it to editors they always give me a favorable nod and ask, "Do you have any more like it?"

I'm trying.  I'm still writing.  And I have stacks of these tales in various stages of progress and more on the way to other publications.  Watch for 'em.

And I don't want to forget to thank the editors.  Always the editors.  This time . . . thanks to Chris at Loch Raven!

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