Friday, August 24, 2012

English Teacher

It's true.  I was an English major in college.  With a Creative Writing & Classical Studies minor.  I wore a pocket protector, carried Greek vocabulary flash cards on my person at all times (even on weekends), began collecting books, never cut my hair, and rarely dated.  You can see why.

If not for the call of God (still trying to figure the reason for that) I'm sure I would be an English professor in a small community college like St. Wiggins of the Woods and I would be teaching high school dropouts how to read a Chinese restaurant menu. 

Currently I am enjoying this English thing, as I am reading through a substantial stack of entries (essays, news stories, columns) that have been submitted for a national United Methodist writing competition.  I am the judge and the jury . . . and I'm learning a lot.  (Really, folks, the United Methodist people are incredibly caring, helpful, and involved in ministries and missions that we can't even begin to list!)

There is some fine writing across this great United Methodist landscape and I'm narrowing the field to get to the Grand Champion.  I also have two other faithful readers who will help me narrow the field (thanks Michelle and Jennifer).

Naturally, I will need a sack of donuts and a pot of coffee to push on through to the finish.  It is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

And I guess that's me . . . the former English major.  Anybody know what a "gerund" is?  (I do!)  And that's why I'm the judge!

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