Friday, August 3, 2012

My Girl Friday

Here's the drill:  I try to take Fridays off.  And for me, this usually means I get to write for a longer period of time.  Most days, I only get to write in the mornings (and sometimes late nights), but on Fridays . . . I can concentrate on longer projects.  My Fridays are much like my marriage--out of sight and mind until I wake up one morning and realize, "Holy Cow, I could actually kiss this woman and enjoy it."

Last Friday was one of those "big" days.  I completed several shorter pieces, a few poems, and made contact with editors who were considering me in their estate planning.  I also wrapped and sent various gifts--bribes, really--to those editors who should publish my work and send me a large check.

I am thankful for Fridays . . . and in a few days, my Fridays will assume a totally different ambiance.  Once my son moves to his college campus, and we clean out the wedding gifts stored in our basement, and I euthanize the cat . . . this place will be completely quiet.  And I mean QUIET.  Library Quiet!  Monastery Quiet!

This will be something I have not experienced in great quantities since 1989, when our daughter was born and my wife began complaining about my cooking.  I have already handed in my chef resignation and have completed the pine box for the cat's burial.  Now all I have to do is write on Fridays.

How much can I write in a day?  I really don't know.

But I'm sure looking forward to getting re-acquainted with my girl Friday. 

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