Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pieces of My Mind

There are many ways that a writer can approach the work of creation, but I've always regarded writing as the most intimate of endeavors.  People are, after all, getting a piece of my mind.

Problem is, my mind wanders.  It ranges over a vast plane of ideas, like the Serengeti, and from moment-to-moment I might find myself, say, thinking theologically and then suddenly shifting gears into memoir mode or science fiction.  I could set out to write humor and end up writing something that is deeply personal.

Writing is mind over matter.

Creating the tone, the pace, the "voice" of a piece is the most delicate creation, and I rarely achieve what I set out to do.  Success is fleeting.  Most of writing is failure, and might be considered experimentation or process.

Today, since I feel philosophical, I thought I'd relate a few ideas I'm mulling--not necessarily with any end product in mind and no end in sight.

* Why do most of us work so hard for ends that "in the end" won't matter?
* Why is ending a book so much more satisfying than beginning one?
* Why all this preoccupation with rear ends?
* Does this blog make my rear-end look big?
* Always remember to write "The End" at the end of a piece of writing (especially fiction).
* I've got a notebook full of endings to stories, but I haven't figured out the beginnings to them yet.
* It's easier to begin than to end.
* I hope my life ends well.
* I hope your life ends well.


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