Friday, February 3, 2012

My Diary

On January 1st of this year I not only started writing two new blogs (Manopause, and The Donut Diary, but I also began keeping a poetic "journal" intent to write a poem each day in 2012.  Thus far, I've been able to keep up the pace.

As far as my poetic diary is concerned, my hope is that I can look back on this year with a type of poetical retrospective of a life lived, with my daily observations and thoughts committed to verse.  Of the thirty or so poems I've already committed to this diary, a few are, I think, decent accomplishments. I don't title these poems, I just write them by date.

I'm finding that these strict disciplines of journal and blog (and rising early and working late) are helping me focus . . . along with gallons of caffeine.  It also helps to have a wife who is famously busy and engaged with her own 60 hour-work-week and who never asks, "What did you write today?"  She only asks, "What's for dinner and why isn't it hot and ready when I walk through the door?"  

Thought I'd share a couple of the entries I've cooked up in my poetic journal thus far in 2012.  Here's the first:

January 3, 2012

I consider the wonderful you
Who embraced me the night before
With such enthusiasm,
And who has become my soul
So much so
That even the new year
Is filled with the old
Sweet song of you.

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Earlie Pasion said...

keeping a writing discipline is very challenging for me, but like you, I hope to keep up.
Good job!