Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Big Pile of Work

Thus far in 2012, I've signed no fewer than six contracts and have been shelling out shorter pieces for magazines at an ever-increasing rate.  The pile of work now on my desk has grown to an alarming size.  This, coupled with my stack of new ideas I want to write, may result in my complete exhaustion.

But I press on . . . . 

As Hawkeye Pierce once said on M*A*S*H . . . "I never knew how tiring total exhaustion could be."

Still, I rather like these editors who keep writing to me.  I feel I know them.  I might even be in love with a few of them.  I may send them flowers.

As one editor quipped a few days ago in her usual weekly email:  "I don't know how you keep getting these ideas, but wherever they come from, thanks for sending them my way."

Awww, shucks.   

But I can't take any credit. Those ideas come from exhaustion.  The later I write, and the earlier I rise, those ideas keep coming and won't let me sleep.  I continue to sleep less each day (and work out harder at the gym) and one of these days, the way I figure it, I won't have to sleep at all.  

I'll just be a writer alone in a room hunkered down beneath a twenty-five watt bulb.  Writing all night.  

And when I've expired all of my ideas, I'll drop dead.

But come to think of it, there's a story there, too . . . and I'd better get crackin'.

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