Monday, February 20, 2012

Hot Lines

One of the blessings of "breaking in" to a particular magazine is that, in most instances, the writer is given access to an editor's email address or phone number.  In other words, the writer now has a "hotline": the possibility of direct conversation with the person who can say "yes" to the writer's work.

The hotline, of course, cannot be abused.  There is an unspoken agreement between editor/publisher and writer that essentially says, "You're part of the family now, and we expect you to respect our privacy."

Therefore, I can't be dialing the Kremlin every time I get a wild hair.  Better press that button only when I have something in hand that is over-the-top good writing.  Best to be self-directed, self-deprecating, and self-motivated.

I have managed to collect a sizable number of hotlines, however.

I have access to editors in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, and many other points around the country.  I also have a few contacts now in such places as London and Sidney, Australia.  But I always make tea before I dial these numbers!

Having these contacts on hand is a grave responsibility, too.  I am always fearful of making a mistake while ordering a pizza. Instead of ordering sausage and pepperoni I might be cutting myself off from access to these editors.  Mistakes could be costly.  

After all, I doubt the editors would throw in breadsticks for free.


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