Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Kind of Calvin

Calvin Trillin's latest humor collection--Quite Enough of Calvin Trillin--is, well, not quite enough. The book is big and thick and comprehensive of his satire, humor, and parody over the past thirty+ years, but I loved it all.  Trillin writes with the kind of zest and light-heartedness that makes a reader feel he has been sitting with a good friend in the kitchen sipping a cup of coffee.  I feel I know that man and I've never met him . . . only occasionally, usually through the pages of The New Yorker

Trillin is also a versatile sort.  He can not only write for laughs--but for sighs, moans and tears also.  His memoirs, particularly those remembering his late wife, Alice, and his best friend (Remembering Denny) are both poignant and thoughtful.

It's also wonderful to see that another writer feels that his readers have had quite enough of him.  I'm sure my readers feel the same way.  Lord knows I've had many people wanting to know when I'm going to quit.  They've had quite enough of me apparently.

But I'm too far into this mess now.  I have not had enough yet.  Perhaps, some day, I'll have enough and quit, but not yet. 

My wife, of course, thinks I should quit.  She's had enough.  Everyone in my family has had enough.  But I've not had enough.

Well, but you get the picture.  Enough already.

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