Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Super Bowl Bling

Evidently the Super Bowl must be a watershed event for many editors, as Monday turned out to be a veritable fountain of editorial feedback.  In fact, Monday was not only one of the busiest days I've had (pastorally) in a long time, but also one of the most fruitful in terms of response to my writing.

In just a few hours I was blessed to receive the following news.  Although not all of it was "yes" . . . the day represents one of the most fruitful I've had in many a year.

A New York literary magazine accepted one of my totally-warped humor pieces for publication.

The New York Times Book Review rejected six of my poems, but the editor did write me a personal response and invited me to send more his way. (There's more on the way, Mr. Editor!)

The Upper Room (daily devotional) accepted two of my meditations.

A youth ministry publication sent me a contract to write three short pieces.

A university magazine in Los Angeles accepted one of my literary stories for publication (one of the best stories, I believe, that I've written in the past 18 months) . . . and also entered the story for a prize consideration. I'm grateful for the kudos and the recognition, whatever comes of it.

Two other literary magazines wrote to say that they were passing on my respective stories (Fooey on them!  A plague on both your houses!).

One of my long-time editors wrote to say "yes" to a piece of light verse I submitted a few days ago.

Another editor wrote to affirm that he would like for me to submit two new book proposals (one about Sports).

And I had a few other rejections that I've already forgotten (I forget rejection easily and move on to greener pastures with the ease of a man who has been informed of the death of his cat).

Wow . . . quite a day for this guy.  One I won't quickly forget (although I have already forgotten where I live.)  A day full of charge, and various meetings, and conversations, and prayers, and a whole lot of shakin' going on.

I now have miles to go before I sleep, and it's good to know that all of my Late Nights (without David Letterman) and early mornings (without Chuck Lofton) sometimes pay off.  All I have to do now is convince my wife that I've actually written these things and that, in spite of evidence to the contrary, I am actually doing this for her.  I'm saving up money to take her out to Wendy's.  She can't argue with that. And next year I'll be sure to write even more during the Super Bowl.


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