Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One Heart, Two Heart

Each year I try to write a humorous Valentine's Day piece for my wife (in lieu of taking her out to a fancy dinner or sending a five dollar greeting card--which I refuse to buy).  But this poetry stuff is work, brother, and it's not every man who can woo his woman or melt her heart with such marvelous verse.  So this year let's have a try at a Dr. Seuss parody.  Perhaps this will bring out the kid in all of us and let me off the hook. That, and I've got to get back to the canned Chunky soup boiling on the stove.  As soon as I serve up this Valentine meal I'm lighting a candle for some romantic ambiance.  Don't tell me I'm not a player!  This soup is HOT! 

One Heart, Two Heart

One Heart
Two Heart
Three Heart
I write this Valentine
We go to Wendys
Or the store
Then home for romance
Where we'll score.

Five Heart
Six Heart
Seven Heart
Ain't this Valentine's Day
All this candy
We just ate
Will tack five pounds on
To our weight.

Nine Heart
Ten Heart
Eleven Heart
Nothing rhymes with 12
But "Elv".
So let's forget this rhyme
And shelve
It so that we
Can delve

Into one heart
Two heart
Three heart
And move ahead
To the encore.
This other stuff
We'll just ignore.
Isn't this what
Love is for?

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