Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Selling Like Hotcakes

Every month I receive an e-mail "newsletter" devoted to selling me the "secrets" that will catapult book sales through the roof.  These emails are usually accompanied by a tag line containing the name of a best-selling author like John Grisham or Nora Roberts.  Most of the emails have provocative titles like:  Ten Tried-and-Tested Secrets for Selling a Million Copies or Seven Sure-Fire Secrets to Super Book Sales. 

Naturally, all of these sales "secrets" cost money and the company won't release the Kraken until I pay up. 

I'm thinking of starting my own newsletter for mid-list authors.  This would be a HUGE market, as 95% of all writers are mid-list authors, and only 1% of books make it to the best-seller lists. That, and the majority of books published lose money for the publisher and the authors who write them.

I've already created my pitch for this newsletter.  Would $9.95 be too much to ask for a publication like this?

The Poor Writer's Newsletter
Your guide to getting dissed and ignored . . . all for a mere $9.95.  And this includes postage and handling (and boy, do we handle it!).  Upcoming articles include:  "Big Jim's Guide to Making Due on $35.00 in Royalties--what you can buy, what you can't, and what you shouldn't expect to buy, especially if you are pregnant or trying to wean an infant with colic" and "Helpful Hints from Herman:  Ten Low-Cost Birthday Gifts For the Editor Who Has Everything."

As soon as I get ten people subscribed, I'll begin production.  Probably print the first edition on latex.  I'll need to stretch production as far as I can.

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