Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reading The Bible While Reading The Bible

I'm about to complete my reading of Karen Armstrong's masterful book, The Bible, while reading the Bible. So, I'm learning a great deal right now about the Bible. First, history of the canon (that's the "official" collection of Biblical books, folks), then stuff like Midrash, Allegory, Christianization of the Jewish scriptures, and finally other movements and modernization. Great stuff. Really filled my keister with some new information and dredged up mounds of mouldy stuff that had been lingering inside my brain stem for nearly three decades since last I studied this deep in seminary.

But I like Armstrong's books . . . have a lot of 'em, and all are top-notch. Her autobiographical works, too, are some of the more enlightening memoirs I've perused in the past decade. She fascinates me, haunts my dreams (well, not really).

Still, any time I see a K. Armstrong book in the bookstore, I wanna grab her.

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