Tuesday, January 6, 2009

50th Anniversary Card

This past week, my parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. I may share part of this anniversary story in my sermon this week, but suffice it to say, my parents are odd people. And I hate to admit it, but I will probably end up like them (and I'm well on my way now).

I did, however, send my parents an anniversary card this week. I never know what to say in these cards, or what to write, so I had Becky pick up one of those sappy cards that cost upwards of seven dollars and I just signed it, "Love, Todd". What do I say to these people?

But now that I've had a chance to think about it, perhaps this poem would have been more appropriate.

Muddah & Faddah

Dear Mudda & Faddah
It's easy to see
That you're the ones
Who caused me to be.
I don't look like Earnie
The postman or butler
But that's just me . . .
Not speaking of brother.

I worry like Mudda
I'm cheap like Dad
I sing like Momma
And I don't get mad.
You deserve a medal
For stickin' together
Through thick and thin
And all kinds of weather.

And now on anniversary
Number fifty
It's no time for talk,
No time to be thrifty.
Clear the bankroll
Make the bedroom shady
You don't have to worry
About makin' a baby.

Just live a while longer
And keep the love strong
Do the best that you can
Since you don't have long.
I'm sending my love
Can't make it no stronga
Just thank you for bein'
My Mudda & Faddah.

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Smithlings said...

I'm still laughing... I'm thinking you should submit that eloquent piece to Hallmark.

Your folks are no doubt touched by that sweet sentiment -- or are YOU the one who is touched?!

I cannot wait to see what you write to B. for your 25th anniversary later this year. :-)