Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Less For More

Four weeks ago I received editing proofs for a book that will be published in 2009. The edited manuscript was about 220 pages in length and I was given the task (should I decide to accept it) of reorganizing the entire manuscript from top to bottom, line-editing any errors I happened to see, and expunging any material deemed superfluous.

Okay, I can do that (I had three weeks to accomplish this 50,000 word task). But mystery of mysteries, when I submitted the edited version back to the editor for final approval, I had a manuscript of more than 250 pages . . . how did that happen? I'd cut mounds of material (added some) and reorganized the entire manuscript paragraph by paragraph.

(I am now officially "sick" of this book and this is why writers never read their books after they are published. I know ever word, every line, every paragraph by heart, and it makes me want to barf!)

Now, I must wait to see what my editor thinks of this new and improved (and much longer) version. Something tells me I may be asked to chop off a couple of fingers before this thing goes to press. EENIE, MEENIE, MINIE, MO . . . .

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