Monday, January 6, 2014

Writing On Snow Days

What with 48 hours of uninterrupted writing (save for the occasional shoveling and frostbite) I've managed to produce a wealth of new material on these snow days.  As it turns out, my wife has also been writing most of this time, and we've been communicating with each other mostly through a series of grunts and head-bobs, a complex system which we have developed over the past thirty years.  We have even mastered winks and head-turns which say:

"Bring me a cup of coffee" or "If we had a dog, would it be your turn to take the pooch out to pee?"

As it stands, I've been able to communicate with a half dozen editors today (most of whom live in states that are much warmer and are, presently, laughing at our current state of emergency).  I've picked up a few writing assignments, including a new book to review, a submission of an essay, a poem, and a story each, and a column.  I have also worked diligently on a new book, and ramped up my manuscript to a now-hefty 136 single-spaced pages. 

And, get this . . . I have also finished my sermon for Sunday, January 12.  That's what "home alone" can do for boredom. 

Now, anticipating another day at home on Tuesday (accompanied by more digging) I plan to write an additional 5,000 words--but of such variety and eclecticism that the excitement is almost unbearable. 

Or maybe I'll just write an essay entitled, "What I did over my winter vacation."  This one would include a sidebar on how to make coffee . . . boiling hot!

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Mark Wilcoxson said...

This weather has to be a writer's dream. Enjoy it, Todd.