Monday, March 11, 2013

Tearsheets, Copies, and Memories

The more I write, the worse my memory becomes.  Or, I should say, the less memory I have. 

Because of this lost memory, I made a decision last month to begin collecting all of my previously published work (if I can remember where/who published it).  I now have some tearsheets (published pages from magazines), manuscripts with notations and, in some instances, have ordered journal copies containing my work.  But it's slow going . . . and I'm looking back now on 30+ years of material.

Yesterday, after receiving a copy of Loch Raven Review (#6), I was surprised to discover that this issue had published not one--but two!--of my pieces.  I had ordered under the delusion that the editors had published one of my stories--a mystery entitled "The Palm Reader"--when I noticed in the table-of-contents that this issue also contained one of my non-fiction nature pieces, "The Pileated Woodpecker."

A two-fer!

But I have many lost memories now . . . and I'm glad my wife still calls me by name:  "Hey, YOU!"  One of these days, I'll remember where I dropped my car keys.

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