Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Around the World in 80 Days

Last week I was taking stock of my literary output thus far in 2013 and I realized that my writing--in a mere 80 days--had gone around the world.  Since January I have, for example, submitted work to magazines in Australia and Germany and Canada, procured acceptances from magazines in England, California, Oklahoma, New York, Nashville and Denver.  Quite a literary world we live in today.

My writing somewhat mirrors my personality, I suppose.  Consistently optimistic . . . with a touch of cynicism.  I've had editors tell me, "I'm surprised you could write that."  And others who have asked, "Why did you write that?"

To me, it's all in a days work . . . which begins quite early, usually.

Sometimes, when I'm up four hours before dawn, I sit in the dark and wonder:  Who might be up at this hour in England?  Would that editor in Sydney, Australia be available?  Sometimes, I drop these editors an email like:

Hello, just thought I'd send a quick line and let you know that I am awake in Indiana.  I could write something for you . . . I'm just sitting here in the dark with a cup of coffee and could easily whip out a 1000-word essay about basket weaving, perhaps, or how to make chili out of two-week-old leftovers, or perhaps an essay on how to avoid botulism.  Or rickets.  I love writing about rickets.  Do you have a need for a rickets essay?  My fingers are warmed up and my keyboard is well-lubed with donut oils.  Hey, drop me a line and I'll get back to you in fifteen minutes.

Most editors, of course, don't write back.  They must be sleeping.  Even in Australia.

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