Monday, February 11, 2013

Violin Music to My Ears

Saturday afternoon I received word that my short story, "Steiner the Violinist" will be published this fall.  (Thanks for the kind words, Don.)  There's a great deal of emotion in this acceptance, as Steiner is a story I have worked on for over 15 years . . . so let this be a lesson to you boys n' girls.  Never give up.  Keep working.  Keep improving.

In my estimation, Steiner is one of my best short stories . . . the tale of a Jewish violinist who must make time in a butcher shop to support his family.  It's melancholy, harrowing, soulful.  Well . . . I like it.  I hope others will, too.

Odd thing now . . . I have enough published science fiction stories to form a collection.  But I also have enough literary or mainstream stories for a nice little book, too.  These two give me something to think about, and to work on, in the coming months.  And I'm closing in on a collection of mystery stories as well.

I'm always grateful when my stories find a home, and I look forward to buying a robust supply of this magazine when it is finally published. 

Funny thing, too.  I don't play the violin.  But I can hear the music.


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