Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Back to England

I've never been to England.  Never watched Dr. Who.  But early Sunday morning I was there, talking to a British editor who wants to publish one of my science fiction stories.  This one is about a team of scientists in deep space who are forced to contain a fire inside their ship.  At last, in an attempt to save the crew, they turn to the little red box on the wall which reads:   In Case of Emergency Break Glass.  They do.  And they get more than they bargained for.

Well . . . thanks again, Adam. 

The wonderful thing about writing science fiction is, truly, that there are no boundaries for the imagination.  True, the story must hold together scientifically and have some humanity infused into it, but beyond that . . . the story can unfold in any number of ways.  Once the world has been created, a writer just has to live inside of it for awhile and see what develops.  Sometimes, the writer is surprised at the discoveries, too.

That's how I felt writing In Case of Emergency . . . I was surprised by how this one turned out.  And I know the same applies to that crew that I left stranded in deep space.  They'll be coming home by a different route.


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