Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Taking to the Water

Sunday evening, during the Super Bowl, I whipped out several short pieces of writing, including a 1000 word essay about kayaking.  Based on the invitation from an editor at an outdoor magazine, I think I'll find a home for this one.

I hope so.

So . . . when I pitched my kayak article I also pitched two others.  A writer has to think ahead.  An editor wants one piece, but perhaps he'll buy two more.  We'll see.

At any rate, it was an odd juxtaposition--writing about water and paddling while guys were tossing and kicking footballs in a dimly-lit stadium.  But sometimes ideas come from change of scenery, relocation, thinking outside the box.  One doesn't always have to move to France to find this kind of inspiration.

I've been trying to put together a short list of other subject matter I plan to write about soon.  Included here:

Kitchen Renovations
Another Beaver article
Haikus about Goober Pyle
A Poem on the Painting: The Starry Night

I'm not sure what I'll be writing about tonight . . . but something. Certainly not the Super Bowl.  I've read too much of that already. 


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