Monday, February 4, 2013

A Month of Stories

I enjoyed reading George Saunders's:  Tenth of December.  This collection of stories, most notably published in The New Yorker, Harper's, and McSweeney's, is indicative of the author's trademark style and humor.  Most of these stories would border on the raucous--wildly ridiculous scenarios and characters the Saunders manages to navigate with depth and panache. 

I like Saunders because few people have heard of him, yet he's still managed to carry off his writing principally as a short-story writer:  a most difficult achievement in this day and age.  Kudos.

Saunders collection offers promise to those who are trying to establish their own stories in literary journals and smaller magazines.  There is still a market--though be it a small one--and yet there will always be a remnant of readers.

I'll shelve this volume along with many other short story collections in my library, and time will tell how it stacks up against the classics.  But the fact that this collection is on the best-seller lists makes a statement.  

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