Tuesday, December 4, 2012


In 2013 I will be part of a new small group studying the book Living as United Methodist Christians, by Andy & Sally Langford (Abingdon, 2011).  Every time I read books about Methodists, I learn something.  And I also have to laugh. (Our history, after all, is indeed littered with some amazing and hysterical episodes.) 

And I want to do my part.  Hence, a new poem . . . .

What is a Methodist?

If you run into a person
Who believes but does not insist,
There's a very good chance
That this person can't dance
And is likely a Methodist.

A person who speaks of Jesus
But is not enthusiast,
Is likely the type
Who doesn't like hype
And could be a Methodist.

A person who does not gamble
Or rarely makes a fist
But can take either side
Of an issue in stride
Is likely a Methodist.

Or if you happen to see
A person who likes to assist
But doesn't crave light
And can sing in the night
She might be a Methodist.

You're very likely to meet
These people 'cause they exist
Quite equal in bars
As in churches and cars
And that's why they're Methodists.

So if you have ever wondered
If differences co-exist
In varying way
Or change in a day
Just look for a Methodist. 

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