Monday, June 4, 2012

May Day Away

Where did May go?  Certainly not into my database! 

Looking back on the past month, I see that I was not very productive (as far as writing is concerned). Oh, I wroteA lot.  But I didn't produce material of any weight or import.  Most of my essays, articles, and poems didn't hit paydirt . . . and I have to look back on those thirty-one pots of morning coffee as something of a lark, as my early-bird writer's life didn't catch any worms.

But June is here!

I like June.  It's one of those "warm" months that, while providing some very busy days, also offers some longer mornings and evenings (the longest "day" being June 21).  In June I can sit outside in daylight until 10:30 p.m. and write in natural light.  I can rise at 4:30 a.m. to witness the first peek of sun.  I drink more coffee in order to fuel these long days and, during the best of times, I can write 4 hours every morning and 4 hours every night and still get plenty of sleep.

Last night, when my wife began asking me about our summer vacation, I admitted that I would love to sell enough essays in June to at least pay for our airfare.  But I'll have to hustle.  That will require a full arsenal of pages and some dumb luck.  And I'll need to hit upon some ideas that my editors can't pass up when they are handing out pay.

So there.  Goodbye, May.  Hello, June.  We welcome you.

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