Monday, June 25, 2012

Father's Day . . . a Week Later

I don't normally think of "Father's Day" when it comes to writing and communication with editors, but last Sunday there were a surpising number of editors who were willing to converse.  One editor wrote informing me that he was accepting my essay about (get this . . . ) my take on the disparity between authorship and fame.  Doesn't sound like a hot topic to most people, but it's one of the best essays I've written in the past two years and I'm grateful he noted the import of it.  He also invited me to be a part of an ongoing online discussion between publishers, editors and writers surrounding a special magazine issue that will be published in the fall.  Sounds like it could be a fruitful conversation in this ever-changing world of publishing.

I also felt compelled to write on "Father's Day" on Father's Day, and have submitted several pieces for consideration to a number of magazines.  This was my Father's Day (post wedding) and, although I was exhausted, the writing gave me hope.

A year from now, I'll certainly be an older father.  I'm inching ever closer to that magic number "55" when so many of the "senior citizen" discounts kick in.  I have, indeed, noted the steep discounts available in some restaurants, stores and catalogues.

Seems to me I'll have to write a blog about this (on Manopause!).  I may not call attention to my discount status when I do reach that illustrious age, but it's good to know that my age will count for something.

And who knows . . . by then I might be an expert on "Father's Day".  More than my children may be calling me "Pops".

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